Benefits of Yin Yoga


Last week, I caught up with Senior Yin Yoga Teacher, Leonie Lockwood, and after feeling inspired to get DEEPER into my postures and sit LONGER in my poses, I wanted to share some cool tips I found about getting your OWN Yin Yoga Practice started.

If you’re nervous about getting into Yoga, Yin can be a gentle, SAFE way to start a slow practice and learn to connect your breath with mind and body. It’s a passive practice, so your muscles are not actively working, but that DOESN’T mean it’s not good for you!! In fact, the times I’ve come to the mat in a Yin Studio; I’ve left feeling like a just gave myself a HUGE dose of body love and leave with the feeling a massage brings. It’s definitely up there on my #selflove list.

Yes, I agree that I can of course be biased, but the team over at Mind-Body-Green have compiled a whole LIST of benefits from jumping out of the rat race, and slowing down the pace with a little bit of balance…

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • It calms and balances the mind
  • It lowers stress and anxiety (WIN!!)
  • It increases mobility in the body – especially the joints and hips
  • It regulates energy in the body, balancing the metabolism
  • It gives you greater stamina, in whatever form you need it
  • You gain flexibility by letting the muscle tension go – not by contracting them!
  • It offer better lubrication and protection for your joints
  • It release’s fascia throughout the body; like using a foam roller or getting a massage
  • It helps with migraines
  • It allows you to experience deeper relaxation, preparing for meditation
  • It’s a holistic approach to combating anxiety, stress and depression
  • You gain better posture for enduring long periods of seated meditation
  • It will improve your YANG (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power etc.) yoga practice
  • It connects your mind, body and soul
  • It gives you time out to ease your mind and focus your thoughts

For a little more light on different kinds of Yoga styles, give my earlier post a read on A Beginers Guide to Yoga. It’s a great insight onto the MANY kinds of yoga that are around, and if you need help connecting with a teacher in your area – JUST ASK – and I’ll do the searching for you.


Love & light,

Monique Elouise xx


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