Becoming… who I am

“Wishing you WELLNESS!” – Monique Elouise

Monique Elouise is no stranger to living a happy, healthy jet-set lifestyle; but the journey to arrive here hasn’t been easy, and it’s CONSTANTLY evolving.

From a young age, She was stricken with illness from gastroenteritis, endometriosis, IBS, glandular fever, pneumonia, body image issues and anything (and everything!) in between. From this, she has learned that one thing for VITAL for a  HAPPY lifestyle is: GREAT HEALTH.

Having spent years in the high-pressured fashion industry, Monique decided to pack up life as she knew it in favour of a 20kg backpack and a one-way ticket toward solitude freedom. Beginning in Asia, she spent time at yoga schools, detox retreats, at health & tantra workshops, ashrams, with personal trainers, hiking through exotic jungles, receiving holistic health advice, studying ancient Indian philosophy, gaining qualifications in fitness, yoga and nutrition.

She holds certifications from leading programs in the industry inclusive of Managing Weight Loss Clients, Certificate III (Group Fitness) & IV (Personal Training) from Australian Fitness Academy; RYT200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher from Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research; and Specialised Vinyasa Training from Australian Yoga Academy.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people getting stronger, healthier, happier and live life to their TRUE potential” – Monique Elouise

Alongside this, she is passionate about the benefits of Vegetarianism, Meditation and Holistic Health, and will be completing her RYT500 Hour training in Ashtanga Vinyasa this year back in India.

Bringing Wellness Inspiration From Around The Globe! 

In 2017 her goal is to travel across the globe with ONE mission – sharing other people’s stories of their OWN success in the wellness industry. The challenges, the creations, the changes, the consummation of their success and their journey of BECOMING who THEY are.

Keep your eyes peeled each THURSDAY AT 5:00PM (AEST) for the next EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! 


Sending you love and light,

Monique Elouise xx

P.S. Follow me on my own journey to continually learn to be HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and FITTER as I travel the world! Everywhere I go, I’m LEARNING – so feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see WHERE I am, and WHAT I’m up to!!




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